Friday, February 4, 2011

Me :)

So it's been over a year since my last post, but life has swept me up in it's crazy embrace. I figure before I start on some rampage about life, love, or wishes, I should tell a little about myself. A little over a year ago my parents, sisters and I moved out to the country to "start over". Six years ago, we moved from twenty acres to a quaint home in town.. But we could never get away from our country roots. Back on the old farm, we had horses, cows, chickens, emu, dogs, snakes, rabbits, and goats. (I'm sure I'm missing a few). When we moved into town, my parents decided they wanted Chickens in the back yard. You can imagine how that went over with the neighbors. So The Father followed his instinct and moved us out to a two acre plot in the middle of no where.. and over the past year the improvements have been substantial. So here I am, a young country girl learning the ways of the land to make it on my own later. I'll try to keep up with this as much as I can.. but you know how life goes ;) I'll post more pictures later. Keep Wishing :)