Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pre-Birthday Weekend!

This weekend was a blast!! The chili cook off with the parents was the most fun I've had in a while. I can't wait until next year to really show what I've got. I love going home, simply because my family is awesome. MDR wasn't kidding when he said there would be a whole lot more than a handful show up. Heck, we almost ran out of food, for the first time in ANY family event. I guess I really didn't do so much cooking, as moseying around like a good "home from college" kid should. Maybe that's why I got 7th out of 8th.... Oh well, I'd hate to beat MDR at his own race ;)
So my daddy always tells me, "boys ain't good for anything". Which in most cases is a fact I stand by 100%. The exception was reached when my Boy presented me with my early birthday present... a set of Broken Tulips.. From England. These tulips are infected with a virus, which makes them bloom in wild broken colors. They are extremely sensitive, but I have never been so excited for flowers in my life. He said something along the lines of "I knew normal flowers just wouldn't do". :) 
I can't wait to see them bloom :)
Y'all have a great week!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nothing New on the Horizon

         This week has been an unsuccessful attempt to catch up on everything I've been meaning to catch up on, oh well. The trip home this weekend will be a rough one, what with the rain and my lack of sufficient tires. I'm oober excited nonetheless. I'll be recieving VIP access as one of the chefs for Fa and Ma's mock-chili cook off.
         I hope to get some snap shots of me holding my biology textbook stirring a pot of chili. Haha
I've got a couple tests next week which shouldn't pose too much of an issue, so no biggie there. I'm excited about my life as an "apartment gardener" for this fall. It's beyond something to be proud of :)
       My birthday is in nine days, so the celebration will take place this weekend while I'm home, during the chili cook off.
      This semester is abundant with fluidity compared to last semester, as I'm pretty sure I've learned how to study better. With the exception of Chemistry. That class kicks my butt. I need some advice on service projects involving animals for me to get into. I need something to help with my resume for Vet school. I would love to do something rescue related, like cleaning up animals after the oil spill, but you can't pray for that stuff, then you're a bad person and such.
      If anyone knows of anything near Texas or the gulf, please let me know. I would love to get involved :)
     Anyway, Y'all have a great Thursday and Friday, and a safe weekend :)