Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pre-Birthday Weekend!

This weekend was a blast!! The chili cook off with the parents was the most fun I've had in a while. I can't wait until next year to really show what I've got. I love going home, simply because my family is awesome. MDR wasn't kidding when he said there would be a whole lot more than a handful show up. Heck, we almost ran out of food, for the first time in ANY family event. I guess I really didn't do so much cooking, as moseying around like a good "home from college" kid should. Maybe that's why I got 7th out of 8th.... Oh well, I'd hate to beat MDR at his own race ;)
So my daddy always tells me, "boys ain't good for anything". Which in most cases is a fact I stand by 100%. The exception was reached when my Boy presented me with my early birthday present... a set of Broken Tulips.. From England. These tulips are infected with a virus, which makes them bloom in wild broken colors. They are extremely sensitive, but I have never been so excited for flowers in my life. He said something along the lines of "I knew normal flowers just wouldn't do". :) 
I can't wait to see them bloom :)
Y'all have a great week!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nothing New on the Horizon

         This week has been an unsuccessful attempt to catch up on everything I've been meaning to catch up on, oh well. The trip home this weekend will be a rough one, what with the rain and my lack of sufficient tires. I'm oober excited nonetheless. I'll be recieving VIP access as one of the chefs for Fa and Ma's mock-chili cook off.
         I hope to get some snap shots of me holding my biology textbook stirring a pot of chili. Haha
I've got a couple tests next week which shouldn't pose too much of an issue, so no biggie there. I'm excited about my life as an "apartment gardener" for this fall. It's beyond something to be proud of :)
       My birthday is in nine days, so the celebration will take place this weekend while I'm home, during the chili cook off.
      This semester is abundant with fluidity compared to last semester, as I'm pretty sure I've learned how to study better. With the exception of Chemistry. That class kicks my butt. I need some advice on service projects involving animals for me to get into. I need something to help with my resume for Vet school. I would love to do something rescue related, like cleaning up animals after the oil spill, but you can't pray for that stuff, then you're a bad person and such.
      If anyone knows of anything near Texas or the gulf, please let me know. I would love to get involved :)
     Anyway, Y'all have a great Thursday and Friday, and a safe weekend :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

What a Week.

This week has been off the wall stressful. I went home this past weekend to see the parents, and my puppy, then returned to three tests and a few hundred homework problems. Sorry Fafa and mom, but that will probably not happen again. I did well on the Biology and Chemistry test, and find out the results of Psych today. It should be interesting :)
I feel like work is taking up way too much time. I really need to step back and reevaluate some finances to see if I can cut hours. 3-10 every night except Wednesdays just seems like a bit much. Let's just say I deserve a relaxing weekend. Haha
I went to my first "small group" meeting on Wednesday, and I love them. I can't wait to share experiences with everyone and be closer to God through them. We have a football game tomorrow night, and I am extremely excited about that. I've really gotten into school spirit this semester and I'm loving it :)
I don't really know what happened to my survival group.. they kind of just dropped off. A couple graduated, so that's expected, but no one else seems to really want to get together. Maybe it's just the wicked test week blues. I wish I had more to write about, or at least a cool story to tell, but unfortunately I am coming up short. I'm sure I'll have lots to tell after this weekend. Y'all have a great one, and stay safe!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bye Bye Flower :(

Another week is about to begin here at the big ol' school of learnin. *Sigh.
This morning I awoke to a bird chirping outside my window, as the sun streamed gracefully through the tilted shades. I stretched my sore body, (I worked out last night, so I was feeling awfully strong), and proceeded through my morning routine. Cup of coffee in one hand, biology book in the other, I made my way to my balcony where I had planned to admire my flowers. But wait, what's this? Vomit. All over my brand new flower box.
Seriously? Couldn't even make it to the other side of the balcony jerk? I stormed back inside, put on something that looked agressive, and stomped my way upstairs. Bad idea. I should have at least taken someone with me, but in my agressive stupor I failed to grab a roommate to assist in my venture. Boys. Four of them, just chilling on their balcony smoking.
Crap. I thought they were girls living above us.
"Hey guys! So um I heard lots of commotion up here last night, did y'all have fun?" I can hear them walk fairly easily, almost like hippos in the zoo or something.
"Well someone threw up in my flower box over the balcony.."
Luckily they were civil about it, and promised to clean it up as soon as they could. I eased my way back to my apartment, and watched as one of their girlfriends made her way through my entrance. *snicker.
I walked out to greet her, as she attempted to clean off the wood with her sanitizer wipes. *Sigh
It was worse than the picture depicts, I'm not just being a baby. haha We ended up not being able to save the flowers, so I tearfully pulled them up to make way for some new ones. Looks like I will not be invited to any of their parties any time soon. Oh well. Stupid Hippos.
On a side note, Tacos for dinner!!
It's a pretty routine week ahead, hopefully it doesn't take as much out of me as this past did.
Oh! And our first home game on Saturday!! I am beyond excited. First deck here I come!
Y'all have a safe week!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Battle

Mind: Hey body, let's go! Get up it's time to further BEB's future!!
Body: Alright. What's on the agenda this week?
Mind: Well, we're going to get through six hours of class Monday and Friday, Eight hours on Wednesday, and Two on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Body: Sweet! I can handle that.
Mind: I hope you don't mind that three of those classes are at 8 in the morning. Oh and don't forget, we have to work until ten every night except weekends.
Body: Oh.. Okay. Well. At least I'll get the weekends to relax.
Mind: Did you see those homework assignments?? Man I can't wait to get started on that on Saturday.
Body: Woah Woah Woah Mind. Hold up. I didn't agree to all this. I worked too hard this summer to let you push me around again this Semester.
Mind: Well you really don't have much of a choice. You're the chauffeur in this outfit ma'am. This is for the betterment of BEBs future! She'll thank us later.
Body: We will see what she can do when I drop her immune system to all these college kids.
Mind:You wouldn't dare.

And that my friends, is how I contracted a cough, sore throat, and the oncomings of a fever. Thank you, mind and body, for constantly disagreeing with one another on how much I can take.

This semester is going to be nuts. I've visited all my classes at least once now, and I'm terrified. Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Animal Science, and two 3 hour labs. Oh plus racquetball. And body has decided it's time for the college cough. Just wonderful. Well, at least my future will be worth it. Lots of EmergenC for this girl.
Alright, y'all have a Happy Hump day. Don't get too busy.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Box Of Flowers

It's funny, at home, you can't get me into the garden without a threat and a box of chocolate. There is just something about flowers and plants and such that I honestly couldn't care less about. Don't get me wrong, I loved having a garden at home and eating fresh veggies all the time, I just hated dealing with it. I left that nonsense to the parents.
However, sitting on my balcony this morning checking out my atrocious view of the street, I decided I wanted some flowers. So I picked up The Boy from campus and we headed to the Army Surplus store to pick up some wooden ammo boxes they had sitting out front. They wanted twenty a piece, but some cute words and a smile from the boy got them down to ten. I'll never live it down.
Anyway, we took the hatch off of one of them and zip tied it to the top of my balcony. Let me just say, I love it. I've never been happier about a piece of green life sprouting from the abyss of black dirt. I've never felt so giddy :)
I had planned to fill the other with dirt and do the same, but while picking out flowers The Boy hinted that my present for my birthday would take up the other box. :)
Enough about that, tonight we're making lasagna and all that great nonsense. I will defenitely post pictures in the morning about that. I'm just so excited about my new flower boxes. Have a look :)
This is after we took the hatch off.
Final result!! So pretty:)
Y'all have a great weekend!! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I love to cook!

There. I said it. I love to cook. That is the most exciting part of having my own place, the kitchen. These past couple of nights I've been experimenting with different types of routine dishes just to test out what I'm working with, and tonight it's the oven. I'm making French Bread Pizza, (My mom's idea) and I'm so excited. It's crazy what a little cooking can accomplish.
I'm pretty sure in the twenty minutes it has taken me to put this together, I've solved world hunger, global warming, and picked the perfect candidate for our upcoming election. I think my grandma would fill that position very well, honestly.
Today was pretty lazy, I helped the Boyfriend move into his dorm and spent the day helping him unpack, then went shopping for groceries. I've spent way too much time cleaning this apartment, especially if they charge as much as they do if you leave it dirty. Very frustrating. Tomorrow I am going to pick up some flower boxes from the local army surplus store, to put on my front balcony.
Alright y'all, have a great night and see ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Come From

Well, I'm back. I apologize to those who kept up with me, I didn't really mean to just drop off the face of the earth. I'm starting a new year here at the big ol' school of learning, and I'm oh so excited. I moved into my new apartment, loaded up the car with gas, stocked the pantry with horrible, unhealthy food, and now I can finally sit down and tell about my amazing summer.
I made a deal with myself when I arrived home and unpacked my bags back in May. I told future me, "Hey. Do something this summer. Make memories. Help people." So I did. I worked for 47 hours a week, volunteered at the local vet clinic for 20, and tried to spend as much time as possible with my family. It was a blast. I'm sure some of you have been watching MDR's blog, and I was right there with him the whole time.
It's amazing how much I love my family. Some would call it clingy, others weak, but I honestly would give the world to fulfill my dreams with them by my side. Luckily, four hours really isn't that far in case of an emergency. Haha
I start school and work on Monday, and I am beyond excited. Class is going to be outrageously tough, but I figure I can handle it. Just those pesty sciences no one can ever get away from, haha. I've already cooked a couple meals in my new kitchen, and I can tell it wont be happening as often as I would like, what with food expenses and such. Oh well. I can't wait to catch up with all the blogs I've been missing, and I hope everyone has a great Fall season.
Oh! And if anyone has any tips on growing a garden.... apartment size.... please let me know! I'm really excited for some tomatoes... or whatever it is you grow in a Fall garden. If anyone ever needs anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'm just a comment or email away.
I'll be posting tons about my experiences here, since now I can be a little more productive :)
Have a great evening!

Monday, May 7, 2012

And so begins the summer Routine.

Well, I've successfully completed my freshman year of college. Boy it feels good. I drove in Friday night, and spent the day with the middle sister getting ready for prom and such, then spent Sunday doing yard work and helping out the Ma and Fa. It feels so good to be back in the way of things. Tonight was my first night back at work. It was so lovely for my boss to schedule me the graveyard my first weekend back. Gotta love him. I plan to do a whole heck of a lot this summer, so y'all be ready. I'm super excited, and can't wait to see how this goes. Well, y'all have a happy Monday, I'm about to get off work and mosey my way home.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mmm they'll make a housewife outta me yet..

Today is my last night of church before I head back home. I decided that I would do something creative for the kind individuals I had come to love and cherish as friends. But what to do in the comfort of my dorm?? Well, simple. I made Homemade Peanut Butter and Jelly Reece's cups :)

This is the second step, the peanut butter on the first layer of chocolate. It's really a simple recipe. Just 2 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips, 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar, any flavored jelly of your choice, and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.
Melt the chocolate and add the coconut oil. Place a layer in the bottom of your mini, muffin tin. Place in freezer for 15 minutes. While that is freezing, mix your peanut butter and powdered sugar, then place in the fridge for 10 minutes. When both timers go off, remove and place a small ball of peanut butter in each, then place back in the freezer for ten minutes. When that is done, place 1/2 a teaspoon of jelly on each, then cover with the remaining chocolate. Place back in the freezer (last time I promise) for 20 minutes. Remove and enjoy :)
They can sit at room temp for at least three days. So far, they have been phenomenal. I plan to make more for my finals, study snacks :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Now and Again.. just feel really good. I've been in a bit of a slump for the past month, and there is just something about today that has me dancing in the sunlight and smiling at the little things. A quick update, I have two finals this week, and two next week, and then my freshman year will have been completed! I'll be sure to do a long post worth reading about how great it is to be here when the time comes. :)
Last night, I attended Muster. Muster is a tradition at A&M that is specific to our university. It's where we honor the fallen Aggies from the previous year. If you can't attend, if you're within 100 miles of another Aggie, you're supposed to get together and remember the good times. Within Muster there is a part where they call the names, "Roll Call". As they called the class of 2015, I couldn't help but stop a tear or two as I answered 'Here'. Of all the Aggie traditions I've come in contact with here, this is by far my favorite. I've had my doubts on whether or not this is where I need to be, but after last night, I realized there is no where else I could be.
I guess that's why I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm realizing that there is a reason for being here. Not just to get an education for the betterment of my life, but also to create a bond with these individuals, new and old, held together with the glistening of a ring. The sparkle in their eye when you mention Silver Taps. Or the smile when you ask about the football games.
I was able to talk to a few of the class of 1962 graduates yesterday as we were waiting for the opening ceremony of the newly renovated Memorial Student Center. Boy did they have some stories. There were several who had served, and were more than willing to share their stories. I could have listened for hours.
One day, I'll be standing at my 50th reunion with all the rest, smiling like a fool.. as they Softly call the Muster.. and let the comrade answer 'Here'.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My first Book Review!

Holy nonsense this weekend has been rough. I have two tests next week, three math assignments, and a set of 120 Chemistry questions all due by Wednesday night. I'm honestly just on here for the distraction right now. On the plus side I go home next weekend for Easter, and I'm so ready.
However, I decided to do a book review, because I haven't yet, and I feel this is pretty important. So when I arrived at this Big ol'school of learning, I assumed it wouldn't be difficult to find the man of my dreams. That's the steryotype right? Women come to college for their MRS. degree? Don't get me wrong, that is in no way, the reason I am here. I'm completely focused on my goals and what I want to achieve while I'm here, man or no man.
Anyway, this past two semesters have been pretty eye-opening on the whole relationship aspect of life. My parents were married at the age of 18, and consistently told myself "Just get past 18, just get past 18". Well now I'm almost 20 and thoughts like marriage are a reoccuring battle. Voicing my opinion one day to a friend, she reccommended a book, that changed my entire view on being single. It's called "Lady In Waiting; Becoming God's Best While Waiting For Mr. Right" by Jackie Kendall. Now I know most of the people who scan by this humble blog aren't exactly looking for "Mr. Right", but you have daughters, grandaughters, nieces, or friend's daughters that are.
It's pretty much an eye-opener on re-establishing your marriage with God while you have the time. It used biblical refrences and stories that women can relate to. It's not some anti-feminist book about waiting for your prince charming, but a "2x4 to the back of the head" kind of book about making a life in Jesus, and waiting for him to deliver. It made me realize that I was making boys and dating an "Idol" of mine, and I really should have been putting that faith in God's hands, rather than writing my own script and hoping it works out. I am making my sisters read it, and maybe a cousin or two.
Alright enough of the distractions, back to why I'm here. Y'all have a great week!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is Borderline My Worst Nightmare.

Holyyy Cow. Sorry for the lack in blogging, with Spring Break, tests, and all sorts of other nonsense I've been busier than a one-armed man in a paper folding contest.
Spring Break was fantastic. I love being home and being around my family like that. Monday and Tuesday were spent with the sisters camping back up in some woods. It wasn't acceptable for three teenage girls to be camping alone, so we pitched a tent in one of our friend's back yards. It was still great bonding time with them. As you may have read on my father's post, Saturday we took a lovely visit to Rednecks With Paychecks, and despite my fa's realistic tale of the events, I had a blast. Maybe it's just the young in me ;) However, it's defintely not a place I would attempt to venture by myself.
I have two tests this week, three written assignments, and some online homework to be completed by midnight tomorrow night. Gotta love college:)
Usually, that would be an issue for me, but this week, it doesn't seem like it will.
Ever since returning here to the big ol' school of learning, sleeping is not something I wish to explore. Early Monday morning, I awoke dunked in sweat, gasping for air. The nightmare that had disturbed my slumber was haunting, and had my mind weary to sleep. Now, I usually try to be an optimistic person, and keep my attitude pretty happy, so this onset really shook me. I went about my daily routine, but when it came time to go to bed, I just couldn't bring myself to climb under the blankets. So I studied, until two in the morning. Finally, my body was exhausted. So I laid in bed, and again, woke two hours later unaware of my surroundings and sweating like a fool. I felt sick all day yesterday, and decided I was going to sleep like a log last night. So I took a couple benedryl and crashed.
On a side note, I've been known to sleep walk, talk and all that other nonsense. I've fallen off my bed, (which is why it's now on the floor), broken dishes, and woken up in the shower before.
My roommate said that I was up at two, doing "dishes". There was nothing in my hands. I started talking to her, asking if she had seen him.
"Who?" she kept asking.
I never replied to her, and climbed into bed. Leaving the water running.
I woke up a few minutes later kicking the blankets and hitting my head on the bed post.
In the dream, I'm standing on a cliff. The sea water omitting a horrid smell that I couldn't bare. Behind me, a forest. One I don't recognize. The birds are startled, so I run. I don't know where I'm running to, but my heart tells me it's a safe place. I hear a roar. So loud it brings me to my knees as I cover my ears. This thing... This animal... is behind me. I feel it. The dreams vary at this part, the first two, I could run. The last, I couldn't. I feel his claw grab my loose clothing. I can't stand to look at him, his face disgusting in itself, with horns the size of a mammoth's tusks. I scream. I kick. I try everything. His fur is patchy, and burned. I can smell the hair as the flames rise from his back. He pulls me in close, attempting to smother me, but I pull out a knife. It just startles him as I run it through his arm. He throws me to the ground, and places his massive foot over my chest, and as I'm running short on air, I wake up. The ending has varied, that's just the tameist one.
I'm hoping these will just run their course, and in the mean time, it gives me plenty of oppritunity to study.
Maybe one night I'll pull out a gun, and prove my dominance.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday FaFa :)

Once upon a time,
there was a man. This man stood eight feet tall, had hands of steel, and a look that could spoil milk. He had the strength of twenty men, a sense of immortality, and all the confidence to go with it. Found the love of his life at the age of five, and married her thirteen years later.
All the memories flood my mind as I sit here. All the fishing trips, the inside jokes, the soccer/t-ball teams, the lessons learned and "getting older" lectures all three of us have come so accustumed to. My parents said they wanted to be "young" parents, so they could still do things with their kids as they got older. Boy have we made some memories.
He's been my dad for almost twenty years now, and I still believe to this day, that I have the greatest dad in the world. We may not have had it all, but it sure felt like it. Nothing is stronger than the love of family.
When my parents dropped me off for the first day of college, he reached down and hugged me, and whispered that he was proud of me. I couldn't even watch them drive away, due to the tears that were rising at the corner of my eyes.
To me, he is still eight feet tall, and as strong as any other. He seems pretty immortal to me, just with a little less hair.
Today, he turns forty. Still a young'n with plenty of memories left to make. The other day he mentioned something to me about grandkids. I just gave him an impression of his "are you stupid" face. He knows the one. He's just our big teddy bear. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
A son's greatest hero.
A daughter's first love.
Happy Birthday FaFa. I love you :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

His Eyes Told That He Had No Soul..

Monday afternoon. Laughter cascading from my lips as I converse with my co-worker. I catch a glimpse of him as he walks through the door, I recognize him. He has come through the store before. We exchange smiles as he comes to pay. He is a timid, little thing. A walk that lacks confidence. Eye contact. My stomach drops, I don't like him. Instantly.
I force a smile as he pays and tell him to have a good day. He doesn't say a word.
Later that night I was stocking in a smaller area of the store, when I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, to see him staring at me from afar.
Are you kidding me?
I feel him approach, as he grabs an item from above my head.
"Sorry I'll just get out of your way"
"Oh no your fine". He laughs. His voice was smooth and inviting. Maybe I had the wrong impression. Eye contact. Nope, I was right. I continue stocking. I could feel his stare on the back of my neck. I felt my muscles twitching with anticipation.
For what?
"Hey can I walk you home tonight?" So much for a lack of confidence.
Say No.
"No sorry. I'm kind of in a serious relationship and don't live on campus." I lied.
I looked at a friend of mine who had just walked through the door.
In an instant, his hand was wrapped around my wrist, in a grip that I surely did not expect.
"Let. Go." Anger dripping from my words.
He smiles. "Don't lie to me"
"Let Go."
He laughs. Still a firm grip on my wrist.
I then proceed to thrust my knee into his groin, and my elbow into the side of his head.
He dropped like a rock. My friend runs over to check on him and make sure I didn't do any major damage. Mainly to get a good look at the guys face. I stepped over him, awesome Superhero, action music playing in the back of my head. When he had the ability to stand, he rushed out without a word.
Later, right before close, he came in and began to purchase another item.
"I'm really sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to offend you."
"You know, it would probably be best if you didn't ever come in here again, and make sure I never see your face." I said with a stone-cold stare.
"Understood. Again, I'm really sorry."

I got an escort home that night. I also told them I would be needing an escort for at least the next month.
I called the police station Wednesday night, and visited them Thursday morning and explained what had happened. I didn't press charges, but now his name is in the system for future refrence.
I haven't seen him since.
Oh! I also found this awesome self-defense class I can take next semester that counts as a credit. I'm pretty excited actually :)

Friday, February 10, 2012


Thank Jesus first round of tests are over. *Giant sigh of relaxation* I love when I get to get on here and throw some emotions around aimlessly. I know I haven't been here long, but I am about to make the four hour drive home!
The funny thing about going home, is it's kind of like my gas station. I'll be completely running on empty, and just a call to a parent will give me a few more "gallons" so to speak. Going home is like topping off the tank. I guess it's just because I'm a home-personality. Haha. I guess that's kind of the way God works. Every Sunday, it's like going to the gas station and filling up for free. Throughout the week, a quick prayer or talk with Him should give you the umph to make it through the day. Gotta love it.
Had a meeting with the survivalist group here on campus last night. It's crazy what type of backgrounds these individuals come from. One young man is from Ohio, never shot a gun before, never planted a garden, and has never been camping. We will teach him well.
Anyway, last night was really interesting, because I mentioned something about MDR's solar bathhouse, and it seemed to get everyone's attention. So I brought up the blog pictures and explained the over-all purpose of the house. A couple snickered, but the majority of the group was interested in the dynamics of the building and such. So I think we are going to plan a tour sometime soon ;) just kidding! haha.
The older individual of the group was interested enough that he actually drew up plans to build a solar shower in his backyard. (His parents live in the next town over so he is just going to build it there.) I plan to take plenty of pictures for y'all to compare to the real deal.
So that's all the ramblings I have time for today, sorry if it's all over the place, I'm just oober excited about the trip home.
Y'all have a safe weekend!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do I have to go to class now?

So I awoke this morning to several "Code Maroon" text messages explaining how there was a Tornado warning and that I should take cover. These messages were recieved about an hour before I woke up. Great to know. I then fumbled to get dressed only to find that the little light switch thing wasn't working. Fantastic. No electricity. I then opened the laptop to find out what was going on via the wide world of Facebook. No WiFi. Spectacular. So I got dressed, grabbed my cute camo umbrella, and a breakfast bar and headed out the door through the blistering rain. A little too blistering for dancing. I saw a poor girl on crutches walking in the same direction I was, and gladly shared my umbrella with her. I wish I would've caught her name.. Luckily the rain let up, as I walked into my class. Haha gotta love Wednesdays.

On the plus side, I believe I am learning to survive pretty well. I managed to make Breakfast Burrittos in the Microwave once I got back to my dorm. Yay electricity!

I had an interview for a Church Camp I want to council over the summer yesterday. I think it went pretty well. :) Not a whole lot planned for this week. The roommate's birthday is Friday so I'm assuming we're going dancing. Throw lots of homework in there somewhere and I'll be good to go.
So that's the ramblings for today thanks for sticking with me ;)
Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gifts for the broke College Kid. #1

Dehydrated hamburger meat. Probably the best thing my grandma could have ever sent me. It makes Ramon Noodles not too bad, and allows for the purchase of Hamburger helper's and mac and cheese with meat in it. I'm pretty sure, all she did was cook the meat until it was completely dry, then throw it in dehydrator.*spelling.
All I have to do is let it soak in hot water for about two minutes, then add it to any dish I'm making. It turns back into regular edible-ness and makes life a little more fantastic.
It's also pretty great for storage, as long as you put it somewhere where it can't get ground up even more. (My last batch was pretty much dust.) So that's my gift numero uno for the broke college kid. Yayy College.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

That's What I love About Sunday :)

This morning I awoke at a blossoming nine o'clock, throwing my blankets off and stretching my well rested body, started a pot of coffee, and went for a run around campus. It was a little chilly, but warmed up before long. I've never seen a January with 78 degree weather... but I decided not to complain about the beauty of it all.
I've been here a week now and I remember why I chose this school in the first place. The atmosphere is just full of fellow students glowing with passion for the traditions instilled so many years ago. I love it here.
I haven't heard back from the SASA sponsers but I figure I will just keep pestering them until I get a reply. :)
Anyway, I returned back to my humble dorm and woke the roommate "accidently". I went through the usual morning routine when my stomach started growling intensely. So I opened the food drawer and grabbed a package of oatmeal and cringed. I've had oatmeal every morning this week. So I shuffled through the drawer to no avail, and then remembered a Christmas present my parents had gotten me!

I flipped to the "Break Your Fast" section and found a recipe that explained how to make eggs and such in the microwave! I was estatic! I explained what I had learned with it to my roommate who replied, "well, I have an egg maker." I just smiled and said "Okay, you use that, I'll do this." Guess whose turned out better? :) Anyway, this brought about the instruction on how to make bacon and all that nonsense that I'm sure is common sense, but you gotta learn somethin new every now and then ;).
This is my first time to use it, but searching back through it I'm pretty sure it's going to come in handy. I mean, Shrimp Skampy in the Microwave? I think yes.
The plan for the rest of the day is to attend church later, go to a Chemistry study session, attempt this shrimp nonsense, and prepare for the week ahead.

Oh! I almost forgot, Friday in my political science class, my professor made the statement, "If you hold true to any of your beliefs, have a pet, or feel strongly about anything, I'm going to offend you." she then went on to explain the downfalls to every single belief possible. This is going to be an interesting year..

Y'all have a great week!! :) I see rain on the horizon and I think it's time to find my dancin shoes ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SASA... Getting back to our roots.

One thing that I miss due to living in a dorm, is the availibilty of fresh veggies from the garden. Now I know I can just run down to the store and pick some up whenever I choose, but that's not really home grown..
So I took it upon myself to find someway to grow a garden here on campus.
Wouldn't you know it if someone already beat me to it.
It's an organization called SASA. Sustainable Agriculture Student Association. It's pretty much a farm here on campus. I sent them an email to see how I could get involved. It seems like a great way to stay rooted to where I'm from. Now I'm all sorts of Giddy all over again.

Today was the first day of classes, and as I prepare for the one within the hour I already feel myself slipping into a routine. Sounds pretty good to me to be honest. Well, off to learn about Chemistry!
Y'all have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, I've returned to the big ol'school of learnin, and it wasn't any easier this time than it was the first time. After making the four hour drive here, trecking my countless, bundles of clothing up the four flights of stairs, to finally collapse on my twin size blow up mattress, I realized I just wanted to go home. Already.
I'm sure after school gets going I'll get back into a rhythm, but for now I have too much time to think.
Right now, I sit on my bed glancing out the window at the slow movements of fellow college kids. Life is in no hurry right now. I hustled and bustled a little too much this past month and took some family time for granted.
So I'll sit here, waving at random pedestrians, telepathically telling them to slow down. To look at the flower they just passed by.
Y'all have a great week

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hey Let's See if That'll Burn...

This year has been good to me. I made it through my first semester of college in one piece, made some amazing friends, and grew up quite a bit.
We ended the year yesterday with a down-home, real, country shoot-out. Well.. Kind of. Everyone brought out their "toys" so to speak, and we all took turns tearing apart targets. Oh how I love it so.. 
This morning we went to an old friend of mine's wedding. Now both of my childhood playmates have grown up and pledged their life to someone else.. 

After the wedding we came home and I asked MDR if we could do something productive, as I was tired of sitting around staring out the window at the cold. Now that the weather was perfect, I figured, Why not? A while back MDR found this wicked Fresnel Lens and mentioned how he wanted to build a frame for it to make it stronger. He had told me stories of it's mystery power, so I attempted to call his bluff. 
Gosh Darn it if he wasn't right. Like always. 
I built the frame out of old fence pickets he wasn't using, so the cost was zero ;)
I stacked the pickets on top of one another in an overlapping form, so as to not damage the lens. 
And yes, I used the saw all by myself :)
I then had the idea of trying to find how hot the Focal Point was.... 

But my thermometer only went up to 550 degrees.. 

So we just decided to see what we could catch on fire :)

Burned the can pretty bad, but no flames...

But the stick caught pretty well :)

MDR has lots planned for tomorrow, so we will give you the whole seat, but you will only need the edge!
Have a great Monday!