Sunday, January 22, 2012

That's What I love About Sunday :)

This morning I awoke at a blossoming nine o'clock, throwing my blankets off and stretching my well rested body, started a pot of coffee, and went for a run around campus. It was a little chilly, but warmed up before long. I've never seen a January with 78 degree weather... but I decided not to complain about the beauty of it all.
I've been here a week now and I remember why I chose this school in the first place. The atmosphere is just full of fellow students glowing with passion for the traditions instilled so many years ago. I love it here.
I haven't heard back from the SASA sponsers but I figure I will just keep pestering them until I get a reply. :)
Anyway, I returned back to my humble dorm and woke the roommate "accidently". I went through the usual morning routine when my stomach started growling intensely. So I opened the food drawer and grabbed a package of oatmeal and cringed. I've had oatmeal every morning this week. So I shuffled through the drawer to no avail, and then remembered a Christmas present my parents had gotten me!

I flipped to the "Break Your Fast" section and found a recipe that explained how to make eggs and such in the microwave! I was estatic! I explained what I had learned with it to my roommate who replied, "well, I have an egg maker." I just smiled and said "Okay, you use that, I'll do this." Guess whose turned out better? :) Anyway, this brought about the instruction on how to make bacon and all that nonsense that I'm sure is common sense, but you gotta learn somethin new every now and then ;).
This is my first time to use it, but searching back through it I'm pretty sure it's going to come in handy. I mean, Shrimp Skampy in the Microwave? I think yes.
The plan for the rest of the day is to attend church later, go to a Chemistry study session, attempt this shrimp nonsense, and prepare for the week ahead.

Oh! I almost forgot, Friday in my political science class, my professor made the statement, "If you hold true to any of your beliefs, have a pet, or feel strongly about anything, I'm going to offend you." she then went on to explain the downfalls to every single belief possible. This is going to be an interesting year..

Y'all have a great week!! :) I see rain on the horizon and I think it's time to find my dancin shoes ;)


  1. Boy, would I like to be a fly in the wall in your Poli-Sci class! I bet there will be some good post material coming from there!

    Have a great week yourself!

    : )

  2. I know!! I'm almost excited about it :)

  3. When I graduated high school my parents got me the book, "Where is My Mom Now That I Need Her?". It came in handy a few times when I actually attempted to read it. Other than that it was Ramon Noodles. - Genevieve

  4. Hahahaahaha yeah that thought has gone through my head many a time! And yeah I've had my share of Ramon Noodles already, G :)