Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do I have to go to class now?

So I awoke this morning to several "Code Maroon" text messages explaining how there was a Tornado warning and that I should take cover. These messages were recieved about an hour before I woke up. Great to know. I then fumbled to get dressed only to find that the little light switch thing wasn't working. Fantastic. No electricity. I then opened the laptop to find out what was going on via the wide world of Facebook. No WiFi. Spectacular. So I got dressed, grabbed my cute camo umbrella, and a breakfast bar and headed out the door through the blistering rain. A little too blistering for dancing. I saw a poor girl on crutches walking in the same direction I was, and gladly shared my umbrella with her. I wish I would've caught her name.. Luckily the rain let up, as I walked into my class. Haha gotta love Wednesdays.

On the plus side, I believe I am learning to survive pretty well. I managed to make Breakfast Burrittos in the Microwave once I got back to my dorm. Yay electricity!

I had an interview for a Church Camp I want to council over the summer yesterday. I think it went pretty well. :) Not a whole lot planned for this week. The roommate's birthday is Friday so I'm assuming we're going dancing. Throw lots of homework in there somewhere and I'll be good to go.
So that's the ramblings for today thanks for sticking with me ;)
Have a great rest of the week!


  1. I was wondering myself about you the past two days. I saw hail and tornadoes. A bit entertaining down there wouldn't you say. I figured out of all the students you would be prepared. From the looks of the above note I was right. - Genevieve

  2. When I went to school in Galveston, we partied through hurricanes. Young and, well you know. Good luck with the job hunt and enjoy the birthday out.

  3. Haha yeah it's always good to have a plan as fa-fa always enforces. Thanks for the comment G.

    That actually sounds like a blast! haha Thanks for the support 45er.