Friday, February 10, 2012


Thank Jesus first round of tests are over. *Giant sigh of relaxation* I love when I get to get on here and throw some emotions around aimlessly. I know I haven't been here long, but I am about to make the four hour drive home!
The funny thing about going home, is it's kind of like my gas station. I'll be completely running on empty, and just a call to a parent will give me a few more "gallons" so to speak. Going home is like topping off the tank. I guess it's just because I'm a home-personality. Haha. I guess that's kind of the way God works. Every Sunday, it's like going to the gas station and filling up for free. Throughout the week, a quick prayer or talk with Him should give you the umph to make it through the day. Gotta love it.
Had a meeting with the survivalist group here on campus last night. It's crazy what type of backgrounds these individuals come from. One young man is from Ohio, never shot a gun before, never planted a garden, and has never been camping. We will teach him well.
Anyway, last night was really interesting, because I mentioned something about MDR's solar bathhouse, and it seemed to get everyone's attention. So I brought up the blog pictures and explained the over-all purpose of the house. A couple snickered, but the majority of the group was interested in the dynamics of the building and such. So I think we are going to plan a tour sometime soon ;) just kidding! haha.
The older individual of the group was interested enough that he actually drew up plans to build a solar shower in his backyard. (His parents live in the next town over so he is just going to build it there.) I plan to take plenty of pictures for y'all to compare to the real deal.
So that's all the ramblings I have time for today, sorry if it's all over the place, I'm just oober excited about the trip home.
Y'all have a safe weekend!!


  1. Be safe driving home. It is wet out there.

    I am surprised to find there were solar bathhouse snickers in a survivalist group. I guess they are going to be the stinky ones of the group. lol

    I remember when I was in college and felt the same way. I longed for home. Mostly I just missed the woods here in NE Texas. The have always been my place of refuge. I think I have our Dad's email. I'll email ya'll a copy of a song that reminds me of home. Sometimes it was all I had to help me regenerate. Thank God for that. - Genevieve

  2. Be safe. I remember the trips home. They do recharge the battery. I hope the tests went well.

  3. Thanks G, the song was great :)

    Thanks 45er, so far they've been where I need them to be.