Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do I have to go to class now?

So I awoke this morning to several "Code Maroon" text messages explaining how there was a Tornado warning and that I should take cover. These messages were recieved about an hour before I woke up. Great to know. I then fumbled to get dressed only to find that the little light switch thing wasn't working. Fantastic. No electricity. I then opened the laptop to find out what was going on via the wide world of Facebook. No WiFi. Spectacular. So I got dressed, grabbed my cute camo umbrella, and a breakfast bar and headed out the door through the blistering rain. A little too blistering for dancing. I saw a poor girl on crutches walking in the same direction I was, and gladly shared my umbrella with her. I wish I would've caught her name.. Luckily the rain let up, as I walked into my class. Haha gotta love Wednesdays.

On the plus side, I believe I am learning to survive pretty well. I managed to make Breakfast Burrittos in the Microwave once I got back to my dorm. Yay electricity!

I had an interview for a Church Camp I want to council over the summer yesterday. I think it went pretty well. :) Not a whole lot planned for this week. The roommate's birthday is Friday so I'm assuming we're going dancing. Throw lots of homework in there somewhere and I'll be good to go.
So that's the ramblings for today thanks for sticking with me ;)
Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gifts for the broke College Kid. #1

Dehydrated hamburger meat. Probably the best thing my grandma could have ever sent me. It makes Ramon Noodles not too bad, and allows for the purchase of Hamburger helper's and mac and cheese with meat in it. I'm pretty sure, all she did was cook the meat until it was completely dry, then throw it in dehydrator.*spelling.
All I have to do is let it soak in hot water for about two minutes, then add it to any dish I'm making. It turns back into regular edible-ness and makes life a little more fantastic.
It's also pretty great for storage, as long as you put it somewhere where it can't get ground up even more. (My last batch was pretty much dust.) So that's my gift numero uno for the broke college kid. Yayy College.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

That's What I love About Sunday :)

This morning I awoke at a blossoming nine o'clock, throwing my blankets off and stretching my well rested body, started a pot of coffee, and went for a run around campus. It was a little chilly, but warmed up before long. I've never seen a January with 78 degree weather... but I decided not to complain about the beauty of it all.
I've been here a week now and I remember why I chose this school in the first place. The atmosphere is just full of fellow students glowing with passion for the traditions instilled so many years ago. I love it here.
I haven't heard back from the SASA sponsers but I figure I will just keep pestering them until I get a reply. :)
Anyway, I returned back to my humble dorm and woke the roommate "accidently". I went through the usual morning routine when my stomach started growling intensely. So I opened the food drawer and grabbed a package of oatmeal and cringed. I've had oatmeal every morning this week. So I shuffled through the drawer to no avail, and then remembered a Christmas present my parents had gotten me!

I flipped to the "Break Your Fast" section and found a recipe that explained how to make eggs and such in the microwave! I was estatic! I explained what I had learned with it to my roommate who replied, "well, I have an egg maker." I just smiled and said "Okay, you use that, I'll do this." Guess whose turned out better? :) Anyway, this brought about the instruction on how to make bacon and all that nonsense that I'm sure is common sense, but you gotta learn somethin new every now and then ;).
This is my first time to use it, but searching back through it I'm pretty sure it's going to come in handy. I mean, Shrimp Skampy in the Microwave? I think yes.
The plan for the rest of the day is to attend church later, go to a Chemistry study session, attempt this shrimp nonsense, and prepare for the week ahead.

Oh! I almost forgot, Friday in my political science class, my professor made the statement, "If you hold true to any of your beliefs, have a pet, or feel strongly about anything, I'm going to offend you." she then went on to explain the downfalls to every single belief possible. This is going to be an interesting year..

Y'all have a great week!! :) I see rain on the horizon and I think it's time to find my dancin shoes ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SASA... Getting back to our roots.

One thing that I miss due to living in a dorm, is the availibilty of fresh veggies from the garden. Now I know I can just run down to the store and pick some up whenever I choose, but that's not really home grown..
So I took it upon myself to find someway to grow a garden here on campus.
Wouldn't you know it if someone already beat me to it.
It's an organization called SASA. Sustainable Agriculture Student Association. It's pretty much a farm here on campus. I sent them an email to see how I could get involved. It seems like a great way to stay rooted to where I'm from. Now I'm all sorts of Giddy all over again.

Today was the first day of classes, and as I prepare for the one within the hour I already feel myself slipping into a routine. Sounds pretty good to me to be honest. Well, off to learn about Chemistry!
Y'all have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, I've returned to the big ol'school of learnin, and it wasn't any easier this time than it was the first time. After making the four hour drive here, trecking my countless, bundles of clothing up the four flights of stairs, to finally collapse on my twin size blow up mattress, I realized I just wanted to go home. Already.
I'm sure after school gets going I'll get back into a rhythm, but for now I have too much time to think.
Right now, I sit on my bed glancing out the window at the slow movements of fellow college kids. Life is in no hurry right now. I hustled and bustled a little too much this past month and took some family time for granted.
So I'll sit here, waving at random pedestrians, telepathically telling them to slow down. To look at the flower they just passed by.
Y'all have a great week

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hey Let's See if That'll Burn...

This year has been good to me. I made it through my first semester of college in one piece, made some amazing friends, and grew up quite a bit.
We ended the year yesterday with a down-home, real, country shoot-out. Well.. Kind of. Everyone brought out their "toys" so to speak, and we all took turns tearing apart targets. Oh how I love it so.. 
This morning we went to an old friend of mine's wedding. Now both of my childhood playmates have grown up and pledged their life to someone else.. 

After the wedding we came home and I asked MDR if we could do something productive, as I was tired of sitting around staring out the window at the cold. Now that the weather was perfect, I figured, Why not? A while back MDR found this wicked Fresnel Lens and mentioned how he wanted to build a frame for it to make it stronger. He had told me stories of it's mystery power, so I attempted to call his bluff. 
Gosh Darn it if he wasn't right. Like always. 
I built the frame out of old fence pickets he wasn't using, so the cost was zero ;)
I stacked the pickets on top of one another in an overlapping form, so as to not damage the lens. 
And yes, I used the saw all by myself :)
I then had the idea of trying to find how hot the Focal Point was.... 

But my thermometer only went up to 550 degrees.. 

So we just decided to see what we could catch on fire :)

Burned the can pretty bad, but no flames...

But the stick caught pretty well :)

MDR has lots planned for tomorrow, so we will give you the whole seat, but you will only need the edge!
Have a great Monday!