Monday, January 23, 2012

Gifts for the broke College Kid. #1

Dehydrated hamburger meat. Probably the best thing my grandma could have ever sent me. It makes Ramon Noodles not too bad, and allows for the purchase of Hamburger helper's and mac and cheese with meat in it. I'm pretty sure, all she did was cook the meat until it was completely dry, then throw it in dehydrator.*spelling.
All I have to do is let it soak in hot water for about two minutes, then add it to any dish I'm making. It turns back into regular edible-ness and makes life a little more fantastic.
It's also pretty great for storage, as long as you put it somewhere where it can't get ground up even more. (My last batch was pretty much dust.) So that's my gift numero uno for the broke college kid. Yayy College.


  1. Some ask for money, some ask for cars, some even asked for houses but you ask for hamburger meat.

  2. Hahaha it's what's keeping me alive!

  3. BEB - i lived on rice during college. i would make butter rice (rice with butter), bacon rice (rice with bacon) and hamburger rice (rice with hamburger) - you can see where i am going here, right. on veggie days i would make rice and peas (rice and a can of peas) or rice with corn (rice with a can of corn) can tweak these recipes as you see fit.

    so glad that your Grandma sent you some dehydrated hamburger. crossing my fingers that she'll send you some more!

    your friend,

  4. Wow, umm. That is...


    I never would have thought of doing that. I was pretty lucky and had lots of venison in the freezer once we got off campus, but that would have been great info to have.

  5. What a cool gift! We put dehydrated veggies in our ramen noodles. It sure does fancy it right up. - Genevieve

  6. Kymber, I sure have plenty of rice haha ;) I'm not allowed to cook anything that is actually edible so anything that wont cause a fire is great!

    45er- Yeah as soon as I get off campus it's byebye un-edible nonsense. I'm so tired of my microwave already lol

    G- That sounds like a pretty good idea!!