Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday FaFa :)

Once upon a time,
there was a man. This man stood eight feet tall, had hands of steel, and a look that could spoil milk. He had the strength of twenty men, a sense of immortality, and all the confidence to go with it. Found the love of his life at the age of five, and married her thirteen years later.
All the memories flood my mind as I sit here. All the fishing trips, the inside jokes, the soccer/t-ball teams, the lessons learned and "getting older" lectures all three of us have come so accustumed to. My parents said they wanted to be "young" parents, so they could still do things with their kids as they got older. Boy have we made some memories.
He's been my dad for almost twenty years now, and I still believe to this day, that I have the greatest dad in the world. We may not have had it all, but it sure felt like it. Nothing is stronger than the love of family.
When my parents dropped me off for the first day of college, he reached down and hugged me, and whispered that he was proud of me. I couldn't even watch them drive away, due to the tears that were rising at the corner of my eyes.
To me, he is still eight feet tall, and as strong as any other. He seems pretty immortal to me, just with a little less hair.
Today, he turns forty. Still a young'n with plenty of memories left to make. The other day he mentioned something to me about grandkids. I just gave him an impression of his "are you stupid" face. He knows the one. He's just our big teddy bear. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
A son's greatest hero.
A daughter's first love.
Happy Birthday FaFa. I love you :)


  1. BEB - i don't need to tell you, of all people, how awesome your father is! i have never met him in real life but i consider him first, my friend, and second, a super heroe! somehow he and your mom, as young as they were, raised 4 beautiful, intelligent, brave and lovelly young women! you are almost 20 and he is only 40?!?!?! wow, i am so proud to call him my friend!!!

    thank you for sharing your memories of such a wonderful guy! you lucky dawg to have such a man for your father! you lucky dawg!

    your friend,

  2. Dads have such a huge role to play in the development of their daughters. I'm so glad to hear you have a great, strong father. I'm guessing you have great confidence. Good for you for not taking that for-granted.

  3. Your love for him speaks loudly here. - Genevieve

  4. I wish my kids could say that about their dad it brought tears to my eyes

    maybe you should consider writing as a second choice line of work

  5. Kymber- Thanks for the comment. Even these words weren't enough to describe our mutual love in our family.
    45er- that's true haha. Both of my parents are very confident in their abilities, and it has surely rubbed off on us three.
    Your welcome fa.
    Thanks G, that was the plan :)
    Anony- Thanks for the comment. I considered it, but I like it as a hobby :)