Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bye Bye Flower :(

Another week is about to begin here at the big ol' school of learnin. *Sigh.
This morning I awoke to a bird chirping outside my window, as the sun streamed gracefully through the tilted shades. I stretched my sore body, (I worked out last night, so I was feeling awfully strong), and proceeded through my morning routine. Cup of coffee in one hand, biology book in the other, I made my way to my balcony where I had planned to admire my flowers. But wait, what's this? Vomit. All over my brand new flower box.
Seriously? Couldn't even make it to the other side of the balcony jerk? I stormed back inside, put on something that looked agressive, and stomped my way upstairs. Bad idea. I should have at least taken someone with me, but in my agressive stupor I failed to grab a roommate to assist in my venture. Boys. Four of them, just chilling on their balcony smoking.
Crap. I thought they were girls living above us.
"Hey guys! So um I heard lots of commotion up here last night, did y'all have fun?" I can hear them walk fairly easily, almost like hippos in the zoo or something.
"Well someone threw up in my flower box over the balcony.."
Luckily they were civil about it, and promised to clean it up as soon as they could. I eased my way back to my apartment, and watched as one of their girlfriends made her way through my entrance. *snicker.
I walked out to greet her, as she attempted to clean off the wood with her sanitizer wipes. *Sigh
It was worse than the picture depicts, I'm not just being a baby. haha We ended up not being able to save the flowers, so I tearfully pulled them up to make way for some new ones. Looks like I will not be invited to any of their parties any time soon. Oh well. Stupid Hippos.
On a side note, Tacos for dinner!!
It's a pretty routine week ahead, hopefully it doesn't take as much out of me as this past did.
Oh! And our first home game on Saturday!! I am beyond excited. First deck here I come!
Y'all have a safe week!

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  1. Okay, as sad as this is, when I first heard of this I laughed out loud.
    Sorry about your flowers but you have admit that was funny.