Monday, January 14, 2013

It feels good to be Me.

Well, I'm back at the big ol'school of learning. It's come to my attention that the only time I have to blog is during school, and even then it's pushing it. I'll be sure to try :)
So far my schedule looks pretty straight forward so I'm pretty excited. The usual required classes I still have to take. Also, I actually joined another organization! This one drives intoxicated individuals home to keep them from driving drunk. It's a great way to make friends and do my part in making this town a little safer. Haha
However, I think I've made a pretty substantial change in my future plans. The original plan, the one I've had since I was eight, was to attend this wonderful university, apply, and be accepted into the Vet program here. Finish off as a doctor and take care of animals for the rest of my life. Well I've done some praying, some soul searching, and I've decided it's not where I am supposed to be headed. I've realized I want to have animals, and take care of them any way I can, but I don't want to pursue a degree or career in that particular field. So I'm switching to Physical Therapy. Hopefully haha It's taken a lot of stress and manipulation to make the perfect schedule to again get where I need to be. But I've never been so excited.
Decided to go to the range again last night. I really like the feel of the Glock. I've only got around ten months to save up for my firearm for my license. The glock could possibly be the one I go for. I still have a lot of research and range time to figure out what I really want, but there is no harm in shooting the same thing twice. :)
I only have one class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with two classes on Tuesday and Thursday with an online class. I really hope I can stay pretty disciplined this semester. Haha

Alright well y'all have a safe week!