Monday, July 18, 2011

What Everyone Really Needs

So in exactly one month, I leave my humble abode to travel far and wide to the big ol' place of learning. Boy am I stressed. There's packing, making sure everything is set up, buying equipment, and finding time to breathe.
The best time to relax, in my opinion, is some good ol' fishing. It's too hot right now, but man do I need it. (Don't tell my dad, but sometimes I cast without bait, just to sit there for a few minutes). :) In my opinion, that's what everyone really needs every now and then. To sit back and stare at a bobber sitting in the water, halfway knowing it's never going to move, but your heart still jumps when the minnow dives a little too deep.
Trace Adkins puts in pretty good perspective in his song "Just Fishing". I almost cried the first time I heard it.
Fishing has always been one of those bonding things between our family. Over the years, it's become pretty fluid. We convince the dad to take us out to the creek for a little while one morning, laugh as he complains about minnow prices and how he plans to start farming his own, pack up the Dr.Peppers and folding chairs, walk the quarter mile hauling coolers, snacks, tackle boxes and fishing poles to dad's new spot (wherever it may be), throw the hooked bait into the water, pop the top to a DP, sit back, and chill. Sometimes, we catch something. Sometimes, we don't. But it's okay. We just take the trip back up the hill once it gets too hot, and try again another weekend.
That's what everyone needs to get ahold of. Good, family fun, bonding. That's what I love about living out here. Everytime we bring a friend, they complain about how it's so boring. I guess it's just one of those things we know we will always have as a memory. When we're all grown up and have families of our own, we're going to meet up one weekend and go fishing. It's not an option. :)


  1. And someday when you have children of your own, you're going to take THEM fishing with you folks. I bet that's one of the first daydreams you have when your first child is still too tiny to hold onto anything but your pinky finger're going to daydream out loud about taking them fishing with Grampa.

    Change is always a little overwhelming at first and going off to college is a big milestone. But I bet by the time you're a sophomore, you and all your friends, old and new, will get a big kick out of watching the new freshman class try to figure things out. I know you'll miss your family alot, especially at first. But every visit, whether you go home or they come down, will be even sweeter than all your happy memories. These four years are going to fly so take a deep seat, hang on and enjoy the ride!

  2. You are an old soul lil gal.....(keep writing, we will keep reading)

  3. Hoss Boss- I hope my kids enjoy all the little things like my sisters and I. I think the nerves are starting to kick in.. because this packing thing is getting pretty hard.

    Warlock-Thanks I appreciate the support. :)

  4. When something seems so overwhelming to me I always think "I'm not the first person to do this. If others can do it so can I". You will be fine because you know your family has your back. Go kick butt at school girl.

  5. Sista-That's so true. There are 45,000 other kids on campus just trying to do the same thing I am. Everything will turn out alright. I just have to find a pond near campus. :)