Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's easy to breathe. One of the few natural instincts of every single living thing in the world. When were running, quick short breaths to get more oxygen. When were sleeping, slow drawn-out breaths that relax the body. In between, easy unrecognizable breaths... in... out... in... out... But what about the times that take our breath away? The birth of a baby as they take their first. The perfect gift at Christmas. Little things you don't even realize make you happy. Until there gone. Under water, you can't breathe. High elevation, you can't breathe. The whole world is the soap opera of not taking things for granted and such, but what about the most important. Who you are. When you lose who you are, the one thing you have that is you, life is meaningless. Instead of realizing who you have with you, the changes your life goes through, take a breath and realize who you have become. Not who you were, or want to be. Who you have become.    

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