Friday, February 5, 2010

The Rain

For some, the rain is a blessing. For others, the rain is a bother. Out here, it's both. I love the smell of the incoming rain, the clouds rolling in and the thunder singing softly in the distance. The lightning throws beautiful colors into the night sky, sending chills down my back. Only downside, the mud. We moved into this house not too long ago, with high expectations for the landscape and future developments, only to find out that when even the sprinklers come on, the entire backyard turns into the bottom of a lake. But I'm not complaining. The main problem I have is getting out of the driveway without four-wheel drive. But back to the rain. It kind of relates a little to life. Every now and again, life is a blessing. Something you treasure and crave when your grass isn't too green or your well is running dry. Other days it's just a bother. Pointless and routine and seemingly to no end. The well is running over and your yard is flooded, and the only thing you can think about is how to get rid of this Cabin Fever. What we need to do is learn to take this "rain" to our advantage. Take time with the family, do something spontaneous, dance in the rain. Sometimes all anyone really needs is to take a little dance. But remember, if your ever gonna compare the rain to life, you have to take into consideration that at one time, the rain was cow urine. :) 

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