Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sometimes I believe I was born for the old days. For the times when life didn't move quite so fast, jokes were funnier, and people were nicer. When you paid for gas, you paid for a window cleaning and an oil check. I wish people would have held on to that mentality. When I hold open a door for an elderly individual, they honestly look shocked. One thing that just irritates me are the whiners. I know it's considered whining when I complain about whiners, but really? I work in fast food, and I know that's my first problem, but there is only so much a girl can take. What are you really going to accomplish by cussing out a teenage girl?
But that's just one rampage. I pass this old gas station quite a bit on my daily drive, and everytime it makes me wonder how many classic cars sat at that pump. How many hands have opened that old, broken, window. Then wake from my day dream with a honk from a speeding car.

Time is fleeting. For instance, I plan to start college this fall, and the days are counting down much faster then I expected. It feels like only yesterday I was registering for classes for my freshman year of high school. Every so often I have the chance to sit down with my grandpa and just talk. There have been quite a few memories I wish I could've taken part in. But now I'm makin memories of my own I'll get to tell my grandkids. Hopefully time slows down a little, and life will feel a little more like life. :)


  1. Seems to me you're doing everything right so that you will have lots of choices in your life. Lots of kids get brought up with good manners and good morals, but not all kids embrace those gifts or even recognize that they ARE gifts. You're off to college soon which will mean new adventures and new challenges. Some kids get that far and see how much HARDER it is and give up before they graduate ...give up on their education, on their goals and on themselves. They settle for what they can get with the skills and knowledge they have so far. But you won't be one of those kids. You'll do great in college because you've recognized and embraced the foundation your folks have provided for you. Heck, I'M proud of you and I don't even know you!

    : )

  2. Hang on tight to your core values and live each day as if it's your last and you'll be happy. You have a maturity about you not found in many people your age; this is priceless. Trust me, life is fleeting, enjoy it, and keep writing this blog for those future grandchildren.

  3. HossBoss- Thanks for the compliments. The parents made sure each of us were brought up with the morals they were. I know I'm gonna accomplish my goals and thank you for the support :)

    Stephen-Thanks for the advice :) At this point, I'm taking as much advice as I can.

  4. Time never really slows down. Turned 65 this year and sometimes I look back and wonder where did it go. You seem to have everything headed in the right direction. There will always be peaks and valleys. The secret is how to make the best of the valleys so that the peaks are so much better. It sounds as if you have been raised right and that is the best foundation for starting a good, healthy life. Keep on keepin' on!

  5. You have the blessing of maturity beyond your years. Kudos to your parents and you as well.
    Your biggest challenge now, with college will be playing the game. Mostly because you have a better moral grounding and a more independent mind than most of the college "professors" you are about to meet. Keep the long range goal in sight. You won't be there any longer than you were in highschool.

  6. John- Thanks for the comment. It's funny to look back on what I thought were those valley's and realize they weren't as deep as I thought.

    kx59- Thanks for the compliment. Not only is my challenge playing the game, it's winning at this point.