Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm living in a new world of realized reality, and it's not even the real world yet. This college thing is pretty tough if you ask me. Homework every hour I'm not in class, work every hour I'm not doing homework, and then the little things always set in. My car is acting up, they can't find my paycheck, tests are around the corner, bills are fast approaching and I really miss my family. It's like life in fast motion. Everything takes two or three days to process here. It's fighting a losing battle that I have to fight. I know that it's my first semester and it's always tough, but geez.
On the plus side, I found a good church I think I'm going to start attending, and I'm trying out for the pistol team tomorrow.
Yay College.
I need to go study but I'll keep y'all informed.


  1. Good luck babe. Call me as soon as you qualify.

  2. you keep the faith kid. You are going to be fine.

  3. MDR- Alrighty I will

    Warlock- Thanks.. It's just tough out here in the real world lol

  4. As a person who went to college very late in life. umm late as in 40s late. I was shocked at the amount of study time involved! I was shocked at... well a lot of things!

    Hope it levels out for you quickly!

  5. Thanks Texan! I know things aren't too awful bad :)