Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's been quite a while since my last post, as college is oh-so time consuming nor did I have a subject to write. I spend a great deal of time curled up in the library studying for the next exam that I pray to even pass.
On a positive note, I woke today with a sense that I honestly had nothing to do. Nothing to study for, to look over, to worry about on this beautiful day.
Before I returned to the big ol' school of learning a couple weeks ago my dad let me borrow a book to read when I had the time. It's called Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles. So I took said book and a fresh cup of coffee, and took the four flight treck down stairs and proceeded to do what everyone imagines a college kid doing. I sat under a tree and read.
Whilst intently reading what I find will be a very interesting book, I paused to take a sip from my coffee and saw a young lady approaching from the side. I looked up, smiled, and gave a friendly "good morning". She returned the smile and asked if she could join me. She told me she was active in the corp here, (which means she plans to enlist after recieving a degree), and Sunday's were her only day of relaxation. She pulled out some young romance book by James Patterson and we continued to read under the rustling leaves.
I could see her out of the corner of my eye frequently glancing at the book I was reading, so to break the ice I asked what hers was about. She explained a plot series I already knew, and asked the same. I explained that I had not gotten very far into it, but gave her the gist of what I knew the book was about.
She seemed very interested and asked if I was in to all that "survivalist" stuff. I explained that I was "in to" being prepared for situations out of my control. She laughed and I was slightly taken aback. She told me about a survivalist group here on campus, made up of students who "have these bags in their rooms in case of an evacuation. Why on earth would we ever be evacuated?", she said as she laughed. And to think I thought I had made a friend. lol. I asked what she would do in case of a fire that was spreading through the trees? (The campus is filled with them) She looked at me kind of funny and said that her upperclassmen would tell her what to do. She turned back to her book and exclaimed, "I just don't think zombies are actually going to exist at any time, so it seems kind of pointless to me". At that point, I knew there was no hope. I asked if she knew the name of this organization, and she said it wasn't one. It was just a group of people. I turned to her and asked what branch she plans to enlist in. She then said "well I didn't score high enough to get into the air force, so right now I'm stationed in the army unit. I just have to make sure I pass these classes I'm failing". I thanked her for wanting to serve our country, and told her I could help her with geography if she needed. I then politely made some excuse to depart, and made the four flight treck upstairs shaking my head. If only young people understood.
So now I am on the hunt for this group of students to confirm they are not "nut jobs". And to find a new reading spot, this book is getting pretty good.
Y'all have a great week, and remember, an apple a day keeps the zombies away :)


  1. Great post.
    It does not matter how old people are they never change. I run across people everyday who say I am a nut or something along those lines. Everyone thinks today's technology will work no matter what and if not, the government will bail them out.
    Take notice, if something did happen that was out of your control I can bet you this, that girl will be looking for you.

  2. Very true MDR, sometimes, when I'm feeling optimistic, I hope something along those lines would happen. Just so I can say I told you so. But that's just a mild, selfish thought. I'm not even fully prepared for that. lol Have a great Sunday :)

  3. Hope you find some people you can talk to and hang out with that share your views. It will make life away from home so much better. Dont worry about people saying you're crazy either. It's better to be prepared (you could always tell them you were a girl scout LOL). I agree with your dad, she will be looking for you if anything happens. You have a good head on your shoulders, she on the other hand seems to be drifting...

  4. Sounds like your romance-reading fellow student is not very well prepared in a lot of areas of her life. She admits she's stationed with the Army right now because she didn't score high enough to be stationed with her first choice, the Air Force. She then adds that she just has to make sure she passes these classes (notice the plural) she's failing. So ...I am wondering why she is wasting her time with a ROMANCE NOVEL?? Some people just don't get it.

    Glad you had some downtime. Have a great week!

  5. So many of us find ourselves shaking our heads at the ignorance of others. Not to mention they treat us like we are some kinds of freaks.

    I think it is awesome how you handled the situation. You simply decided not to waste your time and picked up your toys and walked away. A lesson I need to remember all to well many days.

    Hilltop Homestead

  6. Thanks Denise. That's why Freshman year is full of the weed out classes. So the ones who are drifting, drift somewhere else.

    HossBoss it's great to hear from you. I was honestly thinking the same thing when she told me she was failing. Really makes ya wonder sometimes lol

    Genevieve- I'm used to the being different aspect of it. I just don't enjoy the ignorant people part.

  7. Genevieve-It's not letting me post on your blog, So Thank you so much.. It's support like this that assures me I'm making the right decisions. I hope you have a great week :)

  8. @ BlueEyedBaby - I hope that gets corrected. I don't like the thought you can't post on the blog.

  9. BEB - found you through your awesome Dad, MDR and have added you to our blogroll. i have read through some of your posts and promise to go back and read them all.

    you sound like a very level-minded, properly-raised young woman with a brain in her head. that alone makes me like you! oh and the fact that MDR is your Dad - i really likes MDR - bahahahah!

  10. Haha he's a hoot :) thanks so much and as soon as I figure out how to do all that nonsense I will return the favor!

  11. I hope you finish Patriots. I keep a few on hand to give away/loan. It will make you think...good for you.

  12. It'll take a while, but I will :)