Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thanks fa-fa.

Soo I called my fa-fa (My father), on friday morning explaining that a ride has come up for me to go home. He was estatic and said he had great camping plans. So I arrived home and we headed off. As we were driving down the road, I noticed something was missing. I turned my head and realized there was a lack of a camper attached to the back of our truck. When questioned, my dad just smiled. Here is the sum of it as Dad decided to test run our BOB:

It was cold.
Nothing was as warm as the pictures on the packages.
I was hungry.
It was dark.
I hope I never have to depend on those thin sheets of plastic ever again. Time to re-stock my personal BOB.

Have a great week y'all :)


  1. It as so good to have you up this weekend and if I knew in advance then I might have changed the plans.
    I am glad we got to learn together and I hope you take this experience with you to better help you prepare.

  2. Trust me when I say I am laughing with you and not at you. I have been watching the post eager to learn for all of your experiences. It looks like as a result we may all be packing our BOBs a bit differently. Thanks for taking one for the team. ;)

  3. Haha It's all good fafa I had fun :)

    I sure hope it doesn't come into need any time soon Genevieve.

  4. i am with Genevieve - laughing with you and not at you - bahahahah! your Dad is so awesome to be there for you and worried about you all the time and teaching you all of these skills! i love the MDR!

    and ya - let's all re-think what's in our BOBs. re-thinking and re-packing - especially after practice - is the name of the game.

    chin up BEB - we are all rooting for you!

    your friend,

  5. Thanks Kymber! I know it'll come in handy :)