Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Concealed Carry?

So here at the big ol' school of learnin, there is a group of individuals who are petitioning for concealed carry on campus. I currently am unbiased, but see flaws and pros within this concept.
One: each individual who would be carrying would be over the age of 21, and hold a license.
Two: if someone pulled out a gun, there would be ten guns pointed back at him.
Three: individuals would feel safer knowing they have a defense.
One: not everyone will understand the need for a license, and this could cause issues with law enforcement.
Two: If someone pulled out a gun, there would be ten guns pointed back at him. (Could cause a mess).
Three: Lets give a bunch of rowdy rednecks guns, and tell them to play nice.

Now I know if this petition passes, which I'm doubting, there will be plenty of stipulations in order to carry.

Sooo opinions??


  1. Keep us updated how this turns out. It would be interesting to see.

  2. I hear ya on all the pros and cons, but I think we have to support the concept because NOT SUPPORTING it further erodes our 2nd Amendment rights.

    I chuckled at your 'let's give a bunch of rowdy rednecks guns and tell them to play nice' but, in truth, at least a rowdy redneck might have a clue about how to use (and how NOT to use) a firearm ...more so than some city slicker who's never picked a gun up before. Nothing more dangerous than a pistol packing greenhorn, right?

  3. Personally I wouldn't want my kids going to a school where anyone could be packing. Sure they have to pass certain stipulations but my experience with young men is that they still haven't had time to learn how to keep their emotions in check and their mouths shut. And that part is not controlled with a background check. Young women are just as likely to get the thing taken away from them and used on them or others. You can argue that without the right to pack that only the bad guys will have guns but only the bad guys are going to have them anyway. Fortunately bad guys are less likely to be thinking about going to college.

  4. Genevieve- I will :)

    HossBoss- To me, with what little life experience I have, this feels like choosing the lesser of two evils. Get rid of the second amendment on campus, or give those who want them guns. Now even if I were to have a license, I wouldn't carry on campus just for the inconvience of having to carry said gun in my running shorts for it to have any use if something were to occur. Butttt, I don't think it will pass, as most students here fear any thought of a fellow student with a gun.

    Sista-That would have probably effected my choice of schools, especially adding in the student who brought a gun on campus last year, and the entire school went on lockdown. I haven't seen any fights on campus, but I could see where, if one were packing, a gun would increase the intensity of the situation. And that's true. You don't see an awful lot of bad guys here.

  5. I'm with HossBoss on this one....it only takes one nut to kill a ton of naive kids...and it only takes one brave soul to protect a bunch of clueless naive young people. This is your personal right they have denied you. Think about it.

  6. What a good topic. Just keep reading Patriot and call me when you finish. This topic comes up later.
    Stay strong in your beliefs and stick to your principals. All the rest can lay face down in the dirt as you walk by.

  7. The only thing that a gun free zone accomplishes is a criminal empowerment zone. Ever here of a mad man opening fire at a firing range or a gun show?
    Like it or not, an armed society is a polite society. Cancelled carry should be allowed everywhere, and by every citizen. -- As a side note, this fact alone is why I left California and now I live in Arizona.

  8. Stephen- That's very true.. This takes some more mental debate.

    MDR- Okay will do :)

    KingAzJay- You have good points. It's just difficult for me to think about students here having guns. And the mental stability for guns.

  9. i really support what KingAZJay says...but BEB - you need to take everyone's opinion into consideration and then make your own decision. because it is your decision.

    your friend,

  10. Interesting topic. An armed society tends to be a polite society. The thought that ten pistols could be pointed at one, might give one pause before doing something stupid.

    On the flip side, packing might lead someone to think they are tougher than they are.

  11. kymber- I'm mentally debating it, and I know that each opinion is very well educated and needs to be considered. lol

    Dave- That is a very good point, but it does add to the mental toughness of an individual trying to prove a point.

  12. BEB,
    First off, DON'T be swayed by anyone else's opinion. Do your own research and make up your own mind.
    Consider the regulations that are involved in getting a permit to begin with and the mindset required.
    If the regulatory powers can deprive you of even one of your rights, then they can deprive you of all rights. This has been demonstrated throughout history.
    Why is carry on campus different than carrying at the mall?
    The statement of women should be prohibited carry because it'll only be taken away and used against them is ignorant and sexist. Go read Bridget's blog "Home on the Range" and then tell me someone's going to take away her firearm because she's just a "delicate flower" unable to conceive of defending herself.
    It all boils down to control... Do you want to control your safety and destiny or would you let someone else?
    See Ya,

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  14. I was hoping someone would mention the massacre at Virginia Tech 2 or 3 years ago. The "bad guy" was the only one that had a gun, and killed 32, injured 25 before he killed himself.

    How different could it have been if several of these students had been able to carry concealed weapons.

    It's the idiotic thinking by people like "sista" that sets up these situations. I'll always take my chances in an armed society rather than be at the complete mercy of some deranged lone killer.

    I don't need stupid liberals that believe in the concept of the "nanny state" trying to protect me. It simply never works. Look what happened in Norway this year.

    It's been a proven fact (Look it up yourself if you don't believe it) that where the citizens go armed, the crime rate goes down. It's a fact.

    Sure there will be lunatics that try some lame stunt, but that happens anyway. But many will think twice before trying something if they know they may very well be shot dead on site before they can do much harm.

    I'll always take my chances with friendly fire. I'd rather be in a pack of sheep dogs than be in a pack of "Sheeple"

    Just remember "32 dead, 25 injured" it didn't have to be that way....

  15. BEB asked for opinions. She got mine. If all she ever heard from was the other side how would she ever make a decision based on all opinions? As far as delicate flowers...the delicate one's don't usually pack and if they did it would probably get taken away and used on them. Most women are not as strong as most men. It's just a fact of testosterone despite what the women libers say. I am not one of them. I am anything but delicate but I don't need a gun to defend myself. There are other ways if you are smart enough to figure it out and I certainly don't depend on this stupid government to protect me.

  16. YeOldFurt- I do plan on getting my license in due time, and I do have the respect for the weapon and the mental stability to carry one, so that I'm not worried about. I'll be sure to do some more research. You make a valid point in the control aspect.

    Matt- Virginia Tech was a horrible tragedy. But then again, Columbine was also, but we can't give the teachers permission to carry for fear the unstable and non-educated youth would take these into their own hands. You do make a valid point with the "nanny-state trying to protect me". That I am assure is my personal opinion.

    Sista- I do appreciate and respect both you commenting and your opinion on this matter. When I was younger the guys would joke how they were stronger, and now I realize yes it's true. And I also don't need a gun to defend myself, but I can see how that would keep said male figure from advancing.

  17. BEB -- yes Columbine was a massacre and tragedy, but there are several notable differences compared to Virginia Tech

    1) all these kids at columbine were under 21.

    2) there are some school systems in this country where the teachers are in fact armed, for their own safety and that of the behaved students.

    Also, I believe that my 2nd amendment gives the teachers the right to carry .... PERIOD. and the public school system (aka the government) be damned. Think about it, had some of the teachers been packing weapons, Beavis and Butthead wouldn't have killed nearly as many.

    The government unconstitutionally restricting teachers from carrying is part of the reason this happened, which leads to my next point.

    2) what the big deal was for me was the issue that the police (aka the government again) had warnings that this incident would happen.... think about it. Had they acted none of it would have occurred like it did. They acted incompetently, ignored the warnings and people were killed.

    This just goes to my point (regarding those that are 21 and over) that depending on the police or government will eventually get you killed..... think about it.

  18. That's the reason I mentioned Columbine, was because the students were all under 21 and at the mercy of the students with guns. I, as a college student living in a dorm, have some realiablilty on the school/government in regards to housing and education. However, I do agree that this is putting my 2nd amendment rights in jeaporady, as they are not allowing carry on campus. And if they take away that, then they have the momentum to take away others. When I turn 21 I will be obtaining my license, and will carry when necessary. Whether the petition even passes is again up in the air. I do believe that teachers within the school system should have the right to carry, for personal and student protection. However this may not be the personal opionion of the majority.

  19. I think you should remember too that the petition is not about whether anyone should or shouldn't carry on campus. The petition is about whether or not anyone has the RIGHT to CARRY on campus. Very separate issues.

    I personally believe that every citizen has a constitutional RIGHT to carry. That doesn't mean I'm packing every time I leave the house or that I think everyone should ...but I will defend the right.

  20. Very good point HossBosss..