Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy Cstat.

So here at the big ol' school of learnin, I've been hearing of college protesters from a school near my hometown. My fa-fa called me last night and asked if they had any lunatics down here yet. I smiled and replied, "Nope".
Woke up this morning with a Facebook invite to Occupy Cstat. Ugh. Now I personally haven't been keeping up with the OWS too awful much, just what I've been reading on the blogs I choose to follow. So I found the leader of this invite/group, and asked him just what he was protesting. He replied

"I can't speak on behalf of the whole movement but what I'm protesting is the lack of accountability in the financial sector and government policies favoring the wealthy (i.e. Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary). We don't need a higher marginal tax rate but we should eliminate loopholes which allow these grave injustices.

The current approach to balancing the budget is detrimental because it focuses on cuts without increasing revenue. This is an unbalanced approach which forces the middle and lower class to shoulder the burden as programs and public sector jobs are cut. The upper class is barely effected by this and has been doing relatively fine throughout the recession.
Corporate money in politics is another issue I am protesting. The Citizens United ruling declared that corporations are people and have the same rights (free speech). This allows them to make contributions to politicians that outweigh anything the people can give. Right now 80% of campaign donations are effectively "bribes" that come from outside of the district the politicians are actually representing. This moves policy towards favoring these companies instead of the people that are supposed to be represented. This is, I believe, why congress' approval rating is at an all time low of 9% despite the fact that they were elected by us to represent our interests not too long ago."

This is what he sent me, and I guess what I'm taking from it is to lessen the burden of the middle class, without placing the burden somewhere else? Now, this does differ from a few of the other protesters I've encountered exclaiming they are protesting the cost of student loans, and the fact that there are no available jobs to pay off these loans. My question is, if your going to spend $60,000 for a liberal arts major, don't you think you would have some sort of job or idea set up before you begin? Silly individuals. This guy seems pretty confident in what he is saying, and it looks like he has done his research, I just don't think the people following him/the movement understand why they are going to march around the banks, to promote moving the money to local banks instead.
After the riot last night in Oakland, I believe I'll be needing to make a phone call later.
Have a great Thursday :)


  1. BEB, look up the term "useful idiots". This is what you have at these OWS events.

    Then go look at who all is siding with these individuals. The American Communist Party, The American NAZI Party, George Soros ( new world order elitist type ) Pres. Obama, the list goes on and on.

    Your points are valid and I'd add this one. Tell this young man to look at his friends at these events ( Communists Nazis etc etc ).

    Then tell he's looking at his future.

  2. BEB, his 'research' is flawed. First of all Warren Buffet's income is far different than his secretary's. He receives capital gains which is taxed differently than her 'earned income.' Two vastly different creatures...

    His silly remark about cutting the budget - well golly gee bubba, that revenue is also referred to as taxes...which we pay. If you'll lower our taxes the governments 'revenue' will increase, not decrease...

    I'll stop here, I have a business to operate. Allow me one more you have a kid in college..he's never had a full time job, never paid taxes, never owned a home, raised children, and he has the gall to tell me what's wrong with our country; that he has the answers...not gonna happen. Sorry.

    Please, don't get involved with these fools.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Matt-It's funny how they all think they know what they are protesting for, when over half of them are just trying to get someone riled up. I have yet to do much research, and it's almost funny who all is supporting this movement.

    Stephen- I personally do not have enough education involving taxes and such to argue with him just yet. And yes, he is lacking experience and has no idea what it is like to have to do those things. No worries, I'll be safely tucked away at work while these individuals run amuck.

  4. BEB - glad to hear that you'll be safely tucked away AT WORK (now there's an interesting concept!) while the nutbags run amuck!

    your friend,

  5. Kymber- Haha I know. When I tell people here I have a job, they just cock their head and look at me all symphatic like.

  6. yep. you poor darlin'. what with a job and all. and i bet your job prevents you from attending any of the "Occupy" rallies. oh my heart goes out to you.

    that friggen' MDR should be taking better care of you. i'll have words with him on your behalf.


    your friend,

  7. I've yet to encounter or read of any of the occupidiots economically literate enough to have even heard of the Laffer Curve, much less how it proves what they want to do would reduce government revenue.

  8. Odysseus, many of them are not economically literate enough to know exactly how their own taxes work, much less how the monetary system actually produces income.