Thursday, August 25, 2011


So here in the big ol' school of learning, you learn quite a few more things rather than just the basic, overwhelming, tuition can pay for. For example, I've learned how to cook Suddenly Pasta Salad in the microwave, and how to prepare sweet tea in a coffee pot.
You also learn other items such as, Always bring your umbrella, or arrive at places much earlier than expected if you plan to sit down. Or my personal favorite, "if you need it from the store, so does every other kid here, so they are probably out". Y'all have a great day :)


  1. But oh, thank God we got rain! Not much at the house from what I can tell, but the temperatures are MUCH better than they have been.

    Is that your bathroom sink or a really small kitchen sink? Just curious. LOL

  2. Well I'm really, really lucky, because I have five showers and five toilets, but one personal sink in the room. LOL It's quite a bummer, but I'm learning to make all this creative stuff! ;)

  3. Seems you adapt quite well, good for you. Stay safe.

  4. Thanks Stephen! Keep us updated on that hurricane over there!