Saturday, August 6, 2011

Long Ago..

So I apologize for the lack of posts but college has me in it's sight.

My parents have told me stories about how they had so much fun in high school, and if given the chance, they would never do those stupid things again. They tell me they don't keep in contact from the kids from High School, and that is expected. The only thing I'm having trouble grasping, is the advice to just cut ties and move on. I love my friends. I really do. And this summer, I've made more friends than my entire Senior year combined.

I have less than two weeks now, and I want to go and enjoy the remaining with said friends. Right? Most memories are made in High School. I looked on my parents old high school facebook sites where people can get on there and post old memories and such, and It's pretty depressing to read all the cool stories, and know I'm lacking.

I work hard for everything I have. I've had the same job for over a year, that I've excelled in. I played numerous sports that consumed hours and hours of practice. The remaining was dictated to making sure I got to where I needed to be in schoolwork. Granted, I have a great future ahead of me that I'm more than excited for. But I have two weeks left as a high school kid before I become an bonafied adult, and personally I don't mind making a couple decisions that I wouldn't have made before, as long as I know I'm in control of the situation.

Now, I know that is not always a possibility. But I am a strong influence, whether my parents choose to believe that or not. I decide the individuals I hang with, so I am in control of the personalities involved. If a variable is introduced, there is always a way out. Which, My parents have been subject to some late night calls.

Granted, all this rambling is for simple reason. Share your high school stories with me? :)


  1. I have a few that I would be fine sharing with you, but maybe when you're here for a visit sometime. Not necessarily posting on a blog for all of cyberworld to read. LOL Yeoldfurt doesn't know ALL these stories (we met LONG after high school) but I have a few that you might like.

    It was a different world back then and, in some sense, my stories would seem very tame to you. In other ways, I was just very blessed and protected in some pretty scary situations. But at the time, I did not know I was blessed and protected, I thought I was 'in control' of every situation. That's part of the youthful mindset. It's a good thing. Allows you to push the envelope and discover or develop your strengths. But it's a dangerous thing too because the older you get, the more you will realize that even adults are NEVER in total control of any situation. If we were, bad things would NEVER happen to us or our families or certainly not to our beloved children.

    Be patient with yourself and your parents. Your eagerness and zest for life and desire to have adventures is absolutely normal and healthy. And their instincts and attempts to protect and guide you are equally normal.

  2. Thanks Hoss Boss. My dad used to always tell me he was raising me to act like an adult. Now that I am, he says now he's teaching me to be a responsible adult. Sometimes I understand, and sometimes I just really wish they would let me make some mistakes.
    However, I do understand that I live in a different world than my parents, and it's much more dangerous to walk down the street, much less hop on the back of a train to go see my mom.
    But I would love to hear your stories one day and share some of my own. :))

  3. Kiddo, there is no pre-set time in ones life when history nor good memories are made. If I had any say in things....I would have never ever grown up.....

  4. Thinking about it now, I really don't want to. But it's comming faster than I anticipated..