Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I Need To Go To Church More..

So today while attempting to obtain currency to fund my college education, a young woman and her two young boys pulled up in front of the store and proceded to come inside to use the restroom. As they were leaving, one of the boys stopped in the candy area and picked up a chocolate bar and ran excitedly to his mother's side. She looked sadly at the boy and whispered "I'm sorry honey not today." To which he whined, "but we can share it so we don't have to buy two momma, you can have some too".
I hadn't been paying much attention up until then, and it was then I realized the woman was wearing a pink breast cancer shirt and matching hat to cover her hair, with a wrist band with the words "I can survive Cancer". You know the cool ones you see on billboards? At that point my heart sank a little, and I almost bought the candy bar for them but I was interrupted by another customer as they left.
A few minutes later, they were still parked outside, the woman exits her vehicle, pops the hood, and puts her head in her hands. Know I've been in that situation enough to know she took one look, and had no idea what the problem was. So she ushered the boys inside to one of the tables and told them to sit while she called their father. I took this time to walk to my car and retrieve some crayons and princess coloring books I keep for emergencies, and offered them to the boys to keep them entertained.
They sat at those tables for almost an hour, and finally I asked if they needed the number of a good mechanic, or if she wanted me to take a look. Smiling, she told me her husband should be there in about an hour, as he was coming from the state above us. As I was walking away, I overheard the boys start to whisper to their mother how they were hungry, and her reply they couldn't get anything until they got home.
So being the softie I am, I created a simple pizza and told her it was from the boss man. A few minutes later I watched her get up and go to the bathroom, and return after a while with red rimmed eyes. And of course, I started crying.
Her husband arrived with a trailer and they loaded up the car and the boys returned my coloring books and crayons and thanked me for the pizza.
The mother came and thanked me again for the pizza and for being so nice, and the only words I could really say were that I would pray for her. She was taken aback, but didn't say anything. I watched her leave, and I could see the husband's worry as he walked over to her, but she just put her head in her hands, and he hugged her, and they left.
Kind of breaks my heart a little every time I think about it.


  1. Sometimes the good Lord puts people in our lives, and sometimes He just puts them in our path. What you did for those people today blessed them. In a world that's upside in so many ways, kindness matters.

    You're going out into the world in a couple of weeks. It's college. It's a cocoon compared to the real world you'll experience in a few years. But no matter what, don't let the world change you. Don't ever let your heart be hardened to the plight of those around you. It's good hearted people like you that make this old world a better place.

  2. Thanks HossBoss. It just makes me wish more people would slow down. Life moves pretty fast, and it just takes putting priorities from the microwave to the oven every now and again.

  3. I like that analogy ...the microwave to the oven! You're so right. Life should be savored and few people figure that out before it's too late.

    Have a great day!

    : )

  4. You are a sweet person, and good for you what you did for those children. I so understand, I'm a big push over for the little ones.

  5. Thanks for the Comment Stephen. Sometimes we all need to be a little push over.

  6. you are blessed kid....truly blessed.

  7. Thanks Warlock :)